Students from 135 countries will be joining Turkish Olympiads

Turkey’s connections to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and its heritage of civilizations and cultures make Turkish one of the most attractive languages in the world. Learning Turkish can give access to many new opportunities for business, scientific and technological research and for scholarship and journalism.

10th International Turkish Olympiads, which will be running from May 30-June 14, will be bringing together hundreds of foreign students each year from Turkish schools established throughout the world. A total of 1,500 students will compete at this year’s Olympiads, organized by the International Turkish Education Association (TÜRKÇEDER), in singing and poetry recitation contests, fascinating audiences with their outstanding performances of popular Turkish songs and well-known Turkish poems. Each year, about 15,000 students around the world prepare for the Olympiads, but only the finalists who win at national competitions are invited to attend the huge international competition in Turkey.

The theme of this year’s Olympiads, which will run from May 30-June 14, is “Hand-in-hand for humanity” Foreign schools whose students attend the Olympiads will be able to set up tables to introduce their cultures at a cultural festival to be held mainly at the İstanbul World Trade Center.

Tuncay Öztürk, secretary-general of TÜRKÇEDER, told Today’s Zaman that interest in the Olympiads increases with each passing year. Regarding the theme of this year’s competition, Öztürk said, “Our aim is to bring together all people in an atmosphere of love and dialogue.”

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