Students of Turkish Schools in Iraq to become architects of the bridges of love

Nimet Cumbukcu Gulen Inspired SchoolsVisiting a kindergarten and Isik University established in Iraqi province of Arbil Education Minister Nimet Cubukcu praised the efforts of Turkish volunteers who make immense contributions to education of Iraqi youth. She mentioned that graduates of Gulen inspired Turkish schools not only become professional experts playing great role in the socio-economic development of Iraq, but also contribute to establishment of peace, love and tolerance in the country and broader regions. Moreover, Turkish educational efforts in Iraq promote strengthening of brotherly ties between Turkey and Iraq. Cubukcu expressed big hope that in the future Turkish investments in Iraqi education will increase.

Education Minister Nimet Çubukçu said on Wednesday that Turkish schools operating in northern Iraq play an important role in fostering friendly relations between Turkey and the autonomous region.

During a visit to a kindergarten and the Işık (Light) University opened by Turkish volunteers in the northern Iraqi province of Arbil yesterday, Çubukçu made a speech lauding the services that Turkish education institutions provide to Iraqis and their contribution to the relations between the two nations. “The works done and the schools built by a group of self-sacrificing education volunteers under difficult circumstances here have established a bridge of feelings between Iraq and Turkey in the name of humanity. We know friendships initiated under difficulties are always firmly established and more enduring. In addition to being world citizens, students of these schools also speak Turkish very fluently, growing up to know all about our language. These students will be architects of the bridges of love that are necessary for humankind’s peace and prosperity,” said Çubukçu, also noting that the graduates of Turkish schools are playing significant roles in the development of Turkey’s southeastern neighbor.

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