Event at Philadelphia’s Temple University Promotes Religious and Environmental Dialogue

Temple UniversityThe Department of Religion at Temple University and Philadelphia Dialogue Forum organized a conference on the role of peace and dialogue on November 4. Based on Fethullah Gulen‘s thoughts and ideas, the conference explored two dimensions of peace in our world: first, the role of peace among different human communities, and second, the role of peace between the humanity and ecosystem. The conference, which gathered considerable interest of students and academia, has demonstrated that Gulen Community is not only striving to achieve tolerance and understanding among people, but also trying to maintain global ecological justice.

On Thursday, Nov. 4, an event to promote intercultural dialogue titled “Making Peace With & In the World: The Role of The Gulen Movement in the Task of Eco-Justice,” took place in the Student Center.

Sponsored by the Philadelphia Dialogue Forum, the Rumi Student Association and Temple’s Department of Religion, the conference consisted of religious scholars and environmentalists discussing Gulen’s influence on encouraging peace in humanity.

“We’ve held conferences nationwide colleges and cultural centers,” said Philadelphia Dialogue Forum President Omer Genc. “There must be dialogue between people of different faiths to achieve peace around the world.”

Fethullah Gulen is a Turkish Muslim scholar who advocates human rights, interfaith dialogue, and harmonious coexistence.

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