New book on the market: Gulen Movement in 100 Questions

Fethullah Gulen MovementHave some questions about one of the most well known Muslim scholar around the globe? Want to know the motive fueling the substantial success of educational institutions and intercultural dialogue foundations he inspired? Wondering his thoughts with regard to pluralism? You are not alone.. Many others from allover the world had similar questions and Dr. Dogu Ergil of the Ankara University compiled a hundred of them in his recently published book: Fethullah Gulen and the movement he inspired in 100 Questions.

Studying for about two-and-half years, Dr. Ergil shed light to the questions like ‘Is the Gulen movement an extension of a previous movement?’, ‘What are the tenets of the Gulen movement?’, ‘What is the place of the state in the thought of Fethullah Gulen?’, ‘Which individual and social needs does it satisfy to the extent that it has spread throughout the entire country, even spreading beyond the country’s borders in a short time?’,  ‘Some argue that the Gulen movement is an organization that seeks to be an alternative to the state; is this really the case?’, ‘Does Gulen have an ideal model of society in his mind?’, ‘Who is the Gülen movement’s target audience?’